If you are a breastfeeding mother, I can help you. I am a nurse practitioner, lactation consultant and mother of four who has worked with nursing moms for the past fifteen years. I make home visits to new mothers who are having problems with latch on, engorgement, sore nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis, low (or high) milk supply. I can also help with a sleepy baby, fussy/colicky baby, baby with slow weight gain or problems with overly frequent, prolonged feedings. These visits are covered by the same insurance that covers your prenatal care. Prescription medications may be ordered as needed.

Lorna C. Aliperti, APRN, IBCLC
Need a consult?

"Lorna was recommended to me through my local hospital. I was four weeks post partum when I sought her help. I was suffering from thrush, cracked, sore and bleeding nipples that had been bleeding for the past two weeks. Even though Alexa was gaining weight well due to my oversupply of milk, I HATED breastfeeding. It hurt so much that I dreaded every time I had to feed her. Most importantly for me, Lorna gave me support and encouragement and made me aware of what a true fighter I was. This helped me not give up and encouraged me to never give up as so many moms do. Today, Alexa is five months old and even though I am a full-time working Mom in Corp. I travel every day with my breastpump by my side. I still continue to call upon Lorna when I am in doubt and she's always there for me. Lorna helped me learn the skills that made me a successful breastfeeding Mom. Thanks Lorna!"
Karen Tejeda