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About Lorna

I am a nurse practitioner who has been helping new mothers in Stamford for 22 years–19 of them as an IBCLC board certified lactation consultant. I taught obstetrics in the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program at Columbia University School of Nursing, and I previously worked as a nurse practitioner in the office of Dr. Christina Smillie, a pediatrician who specializes in breastfeeding medicine. In addition, I worked for eight years as a nursery and postpartum nurse before going back to school to get my second master’s and become an NP.

I authored an Arco test preparation book for practical nurses taking their NCLEX certification exam, and my research on hospital breastfeeding management was published in the Journal of Perinatal Education. I recently wrote an article in the Expectant Mothers Guide to Connecticut Planning to Breastfeed?

I practice in the Stamford Area doing home lactation consults and have made over 4000 visits to new mothers since starting Lactation Services in 2002.

Last but not least, I am married and the proud mother of four breastfed children. We have lived in Stamford for 33 years.

Contact me at: 203-359-1631 or 203-536-6002.


  • I really appreciate your help, Lorna. Things started turning around after your visit. Although I had already reduced my milk intake, eliminating all remaining dairy had an enormous impact on Avery’s issues, and really solved our colic problems pretty much right off the bat. One thing that was very telling is that about a month later, I had about 24 hours where I decided I’d try milk again, and we had sour cream, cheese and whatnot…We had a miserable 24 hours and I actually threw away three bottles that I had pumped because it was just so bad. I immediately went back on soy milk. Thanks again. Kathryn Laird