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About Lorna

I am a nurse practitioner who has been helping new mothers in Stamford for 22 years–19 of them as an IBCLC board certified lactation consultant. I taught obstetrics in the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program at Columbia University School of Nursing, and I previously worked as a nurse practitioner in the office of Dr. Christina Smillie, a pediatrician who specializes in breastfeeding medicine. In addition, I worked for eight years as a nursery and postpartum nurse before going back to school to get my second master’s and become an NP.

I authored an Arco test preparation book for practical nurses taking their NCLEX certification exam, and my research on hospital breastfeeding management was published in the Journal of Perinatal Education. I recently wrote an article in the Expectant Mothers Guide to Connecticut Planning to Breastfeed?

I practice in the Stamford Area doing home lactation consults and have made over 4000 visits to new mothers since starting Lactation Services in 2002.

Last but not least, I am married and the proud mother of four breastfed children. We have lived in Stamford for 33 years.

Contact me at: 203-359-1631 or 203-536-6002.


  • Dear Lorna, This is a very belated thank you, but the timing seems appropriate. On Monday my daughter and I will achieve a major milestone – 6 months of successful breastfeeding. It was very important to me to breastfeed for at least 6 months, but when my daughter was 7 weeks old, I was in so much pain that I did not think we would be able to achieve this goal. Fortunately, that is when Dr. Cahill recommended that I call you. The protocol and encouragement you provided allowed me to continue to breastfeed – and to grow to love it! Now I think I will even continue to breastfeed for another 6 months! Thank you so much for your help. You are a gifted practitioner! Suzanna Pollak